AN NORVYS – One and All (EP)

AN NORVYS - One and All

Origin: France
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

An Norvys is a new folk metal band from Cantal, Auverge in Central France. They were formed in 2009 with the intention to give new breath to legends of Cornwall, a Celtic region in South Western Britain. Their name is actually in Cornish language and it means Earth. This six-piece band self-released its debut demo EP “One and All” on January 2011, but it was a few days ago that I got it in my hands.

This 4-track EP has been a very pleasant surprise for me, because both its music quality and production level are much better than most demo releases! An Norvys is a female fronted band, with Liliane Bos (vocals) and Carine Dubarry (violin) having the protagonist role in their music. Violins carry out almost all folk tunes of their compositions, while their vocals take over the lead melodies. Liliane has a very special color in her voice and with a little more work, especially in the parts when she gets “louder”, she could help the band to acquire a really personal sound. An Norvys have a solid, tight and warm sound, with quite heavy guitars and powerful drums. Their 4 compositions move in the typical folk metal patterns, but with a heavier and little faster approach, never becoming extreme of course. On the other hand they don’t use acoustic passages, but they have some beautiful instrumental parts, where their violin’s melodies are simply amazing. The EP lasts a little over 20 minutes, while all their lyrics are in English.

One and All” is for sure one very promising demo EP that all folk metal fans better check. An Norvys have recently released their second EP “Sins and Stones“, where things become even better. The band seems ready for a more complete work and I hope they soon make the next step. Except for its digital edition the album is also self-released by the band in a slim jewel case CD version with a 2-page booklet, limited to only 50 copies. If you want to find more about the band and listen to their music you can visit their official profiles below.


Rating:  (8/10)

An Norvys @ Facebook
An Norvys @ MySpace


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