ELIWAGAR new album coming out on May

ELIWAGAR - Gryningen

Pagan folk rock / metal band Eliwagar, fronted by Runahild, will release its new full-length album “Gryningen” (the dawn). In this album Runahild plays 3 old traditional Norwegian instruments and the flute, her husband Bjørn plays the electric guitar, Roar Ruus Finsås plays the bass and Antoine Wargnar the drums. Nils Ailo Sara Labba, a Sami friend of the band, will play lead guitar on some songs and Hildr Valkyrie from Greece will sing on 2 songs, “Northern Dawn” and “I den Vakre Gylne Glød“. The front cover photo is taken by Runahild herself in Lofoten (north Norway) and Kogaion Art once again made a fantastic work in the artwork. “Gryningen” will be released in digipak edition via the band’s own label Nordafolk Records on May 2013.

1. Månelys Over Granskog og Tåke
2. Gryningen                                             
3. Mellom Fjord og Fjell
4. I den Vakre Gylne Glød
5. Skumringen og Nordlys
6. I Høstfavnen
7. Mødrelandets Sønner
8. Håleygirland
9. Når Nordlys Danser
10. I den Nordiske Vinterklem
11. Northern Dawn
12. Morgengry

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