NORTHSONG unveil debut album details

NORTHSONG - The Final Journey

Viking symphonic folk death metal band Northsong, the solo project of Cort Runyon from USA, will soon release its debut full length album “The Final Journey” via Warhorns Records. This Illinois based band was formed in 2010 and released its first EP “Winter’s Dominion” the summer of 2011. Northsong blends epic symphonies, heavy guitars, folk instruments and a varying range of vocals to create an adventurous and battle-like atmosphere, basing its lyricism off of Norse Mythology, along with epic stories and battles set in the Viking Age. “The Final Journey” will be released soon, but no final date is set yet. The band has already revealed the song “The Final Journey – Pt. II” from the upcoming album, that you can enjoy in their official pages below.

1. The Final Journey – Pt. I
2. The Final Journey – Pt. II
3. Nomad                                             
4. Yggdrasil
5. Northern Blood
6. Trolls
7. The River
8. Mímisbrunnr
9. The Final Journey – Pt. III

Northsong @ Facebook
Northsong @ MySpace


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