YRZEN are ready to release debut album

YRZEN - Fimmrot

French folk melodic symphonic death metal band Yrzen, was born in 2010 from the ashes of the band Moorwrath. At the gathering point of Scandinavian metal, neo-classical music and heathen European cultures, beats an earthen heart that is Yrzen… Born from a will to gather heavy riffs and heady melodies, epic passages and dark emotions, the music of Yrzen is at the meeting point of death, folk, melodic, heavy and symphonic metal, creating its strong identity. As for the lyrics, among fables and tales, mythology and history, Yrzen’s songs explore the vanity of men’s faith and beliefs, from what once was — or was not — to what may be. Yrzen has completed its debut full length album, entitled “Fimmròt“, which will be self-released by the band in digipak edition with 16-page booklet, hopefully no later than April 2013.

Fimmròt, the old Norse for five roots, stands for the five primordial elements of nature and creation. Though not an actual concept album, “Fimmròt” depicts through its twelve tracks the tales of an agonizing world, where the dogmas of religions must face the rebirth of old beliefs, where the average men question the rulers of their world, and where the unavoidable end slowly dawns… The album contains 12 tracks with a total running time of 53 minutes. It was home-recorded, some parts recorded by Axel Wursthorn, while it was mixed and mastered by Axel Wursthorn at Walnut Groove Studio (France). The Chœur Universitaire de Picardie has also contributed to this work.

You can already pre-order it in their official homepage in the links below.

1. Heathen on Earth
2. Stormrider
3. Paradox
4. Battlecries
5. The Tale Untold
6. The Beholders (Beyond the Stars)
7. Fimmròt
8. Fire of Life
9. Taliesin
10. Crying Skies
11. Snowburied Memories
12. Ragnarök

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