ODRAEDIR – Troll’s Cave (EP)

ODRAEDIR - Trolls Cave

Origin: Czech Republic
Genre: Folk Black Metal Folk Pagan Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

A new pagan folk metal band from Czech Republic has just released its first official work, the EP “Troll’s Cave“. The band was formed a few years ago and in 2011 released the 5-track demo EP “Pagan Forest“, where they played raw and somehow amateur underground folk pagan black metal. The songs though had some nice parts and I found their powerful guitars very interesting. Let’s see what their new work has to offer…

First of all “Troll’s Cave” is a short EP, since it contains 3 songs, lasting only for 16 minutes. Odraedir have made huge improvement in their sound and in the quality of their compositions. Guitars still have the basic role in their music, both in the rhythmic parts and in the lead folk melodies. The addition of synths and a few traditional instruments (flutes, jaw harp) makes their orchestrations richer and more balanced, helping them build a more atmospheric sound. Their songs change often rhythm, remaining though in quite fast tempos most of the time. The majority of their vocals is brutal black metal growls; there are some clean male vocals too, as well as a few choral parts, making everything so much more interesting. The first song “Troll’s Cave” is the most aggressive and raw song of the album, yet much more melodic than the demo. The next one “The Rise of Cernunnos” is more epic pagan oriented, while the last song “Campfire” has a “happier” drinking folk mood! The band sings in English and their lyrics speak of long forgotten legends.

Their production still needs improvement, but it’s more than satisfying for a debut EP. What I like more in Odraedir is that their music is at the same time raw, aggressive and melodic, with an unpolished, yet powerful, natural and clear sound. I am really looking forward for something more complete and longer from them in the future, since this work reveals great potentials and leaves many promises. Except for digital download “Troll’s Cave” is also released as a limited miniCD in standard jewel case edition, with a 2-page booklet. You can check their music in their official pages below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Odraedir @ Facebook
Odraedir @ Bandzone


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  1. Saw them a bunch of times live. Pretty damn impressive.

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