ANGIZIA – Des Winters Finsterer Gesell

ANGIZIA - Des Winters Finsterer Gesell

Origin: Austria
Genre: Avant-garde Metal Classical Opera Metal
Label: Medium Theater
Year: 2013

The new Angizia album was officially released a few days ago! The Austrian masters of extreme theatrical music seem to be back for good, after their 7-year absence between 2004 and 2011. The band made its come back in the beginning of 2011 with “Kokon – Ein Schaurig-schönes Schachtelstück” and now, 19 years after their birth, their 7th full-length album “Des Winters Finsterer Gesell” is out, released again via their own label Medium Theater, like their previous 3 works.

In this new album Angizia remain faithful to their personal distinctive music style and you don’t need more than a few seconds to recognize their 100% original sound. Musically the album is closer to the dark atmosphere of Kokon” and it is composed again by Emmerich Haimer. There are many classical references in their compositions, while they also incorporate original music from Franz Schubert in 3 songs. Piano is for sure their basic instrument, accompanied by viola, cello, violin and accordion, while the metal instruments are appearing more often this time, compared to their previous work. Actually there are several songs with really heavy guitars and more aggressive vocals, that surprised me very pleasantly! The band’s characteristic vocals are performed once again by Michael Haas, Irene Denner and Jochen Stock. They move from whispers to operatic female vocals and from narrations to theatrical expressive vocals of various styles. Sometimes their vocals sound emotional and calm, other times have an a stressful anxious “lunacy”, while there are parts when they get more brutal. Like most of their works, it is a concept album with various characters in a theatrical play approach. It has a poetic thriller plot, taking place in the wild wintry landscapes of Austrian Alps, dealing with nature death and murder. If you speak German I am sure the album gets much more value since you can understand the plot and follow the dialogues that seem to be inseparable with their music. If you don’t though, you get the feeling that something is missing, especially in the spoken parts…

Fans of Angizia won’t be disappointed. I think “Des Winters Finsterer Gesell” continues where “Kokon” ended in terms of music style and atmosphere, but it also looks back in the band’s metal past, at least in some parts. Of course the music quality is once again unquestionable. After all, we need bands with such a strong personality and so unique sound. The album comes in a digipak edition with the beautiful artwork of Gabriele Böck, but without any booklet or the lyrics. Luckily though the libretto in German is available for download in the band’s official page, while there are thoughts for an English version too! You can listen to some songs of this new album in their official pages below.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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