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Occult black metallers Acherontas from Greece have just finished the works of their upcoming 4th full-length album “Amenti“. It is already in the hands of W.T.C Productions and will be unleashed upon the mortal masses on 17th of May 2013 in double gatefold LP and special digipak CD edition, including 24-page booklet, with lyrics and philosophical texts by Acherontas Coven. The tape version and merchandise (zipper and T-shirts) will be available the same day. According to their own words, the band has created 62 minutes of the most complete and esoteric work they had ever performed the 17 years of their existence.

1. Voluntas Supra Materiam – Vocatio Prima
2. Amenti – The Lamp Ov The Desert          
3. The Stele Ov The Last Conjuration – Ιερός Γάμος
4. Nebt-Het – Divulgence Οf Ηer Sacral Temples
5. Set Triumphant – Nubti
6. Dissolution (In The Sands Ov Time) – Νεκρόπολις
7. Wines of Blood – Pestilence
8. Erset La Tari – The Red Temple
9. Πανσέληνος – Vocatio Ultima

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