BASTION reveal info about their upcoming second album

BASTION - The Time to Fight

Russian pagan folk metallers Бастион (Bastion) from Krasnoznamensk are working on their second album “Время Борьбы (The Time to Fight)“. They are already in the final stage of recording and they plan to release it on Autumn 2013, 2 years after their debut “Рассвет Сварога / Dawn of Swarog”. The album will contain 7 songs and its lyrical concept is about the preservation of our culture these difficult times. Their music has become more aggressive, but at the same time traditional folk instruments like flutes, bagpipes, horns, accordion and violin were used on the recordings. “Время Борьбы” will be a redefinition of Бастион’s sound. The band has already revealed the tracklist and the wonderful cover artwork by Peter Podkolzin. Ηe has painted four pictures for this album in the traditional Russian painting technique! Soon they will also reveal a track from their upcoming album, so stay tuned on their official pages.

1. Аркона 1168
2. Время Борьбы
3. Заветы
4. Боевая
5. Моя Земля
6. Ой, да то не вран…
7. В песнях Дедов

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