FIR BOLG announce debut full-length album release

FIR BOLG - Towards Ancestral Lands

French Celtic pagan black metal band Fir Bolg from Nice, has finally announced the release of its debut full-length album “Towards Ancestral Lands“. Fir Bolg is the solo project of Dagoth, who formed them back in 2006 and released the 4-track demo EP “Paganism” in 2008 (re-released in 2010 by Schwarzdorn Production). For the new album Dagoth recorded vocals, acoustic guitars, bodhran and olifan in the Deaf Lab studio at Monaco, as well as drums ( played by Abaddon, live session drummer of Fir Bolg since 2008 ). Dagoth recorded guitars and bass at the Permafrost studio. The mix and re-amping are made by Damien Rainaud in Omen recording studio at Los Angeles. During February 2012 the album is mastered by Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak) at the Klangschmiede studio E in Germany. “Towards Ancestral Lands” will be finally released in 2013 (no final date yet) again via Schwarzdorn Production and you can already see the cover artwork and tracklist.

1. Intro
2. Behind the Great Oppidum
3. Blood Heritage
4. Banshees
5. King of Wallachia
6. Strong Old Megalith
7. Final Battle on the Frozen Lake
8. Mag Tuired
9. Dun Aengus

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