ARCKANUM unveil upcoming album details

ARCKANUM - Fenris Kindir

Sweden’s black metal troll Arckanum return with his eighth opus, “Fenris Kindir“! With equal parts ripping riffs and howled vocals from the edge of Ragnarok, “Fenris Kindir” expands on the darkness of “Helvítismyrkr” and finds Arckanum taking a battle axe to the world. Having emerged from the black metal underground, the bludgeoning brute force of the new album demands the respect and fear that plundering raiders from the North commanded centuries prior. ”Fenris Kindir” will be released by Underground Activists, a Season of Mist sub-label, and it will hit the stores on May 10th 2013 (May 14th in North America) in both CD and LP versions. The LP editions will include a cover of Necromantia’s classic “Lycanthropia” as bonus track and will be available in three different colors: yellow, red, and black. You can pre-order all formats on Season of Mist’s e-shop!

1. Fenris Kindir Grúa
2. Tungls Tjúgari
3. Dólgrinn
4. Hatarnir
5. Hamrami
6. Fenris Gangr
7. Vargøld
8. Angrboða
9. Úskepna
10. Spell
11. Sólbøls Sigr

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