NORDHEIM ready to release their second album


Epic folk metallers Nordheim from Canada will release their sophomore album “Refill” in the end of April 2013 via Maple Metal Records, 3 years after their critically acclaimed debut album “Lost in the North” in 2010. On their new album the Nordheim trolls once again hit the listener with their creative, aggressive tunes, and folkloric melodies that will leave you headbanging and humming to for years! Nordheim once again mix a combination of metal genres like folk, black and thrash to create a powerful and crunching, but very entertaining album. On “Refill” Nordheim flex their muscles to give the listener 9 epic folk metal classics, performed with a festive spirit! Even Norway’s Trollfest get in on the fun, to lend their gang vocals on the choruses of Nordheim’s new single “Get Drunk or Die Tryin“! Nordheim were just voted “Best folk metal band in Quebec, Canada” by their feverish fans! “Refill” was recorded in the Winter of 2012-13 at Badass Studio and produced by Jeff Fortin (Blackguard, Aeternam, Unexpect, Neuraxis). Cover art by Nicolas Francoeur from Vorace-Art.

1. OV Frost and Ice
2. Mask of the Banned One
3. Get Drunk or Die Tryin’
4. Watch the Raven Die
5. Under a Crying Storm
6. The Grief
7. Winter’s Dawn
8. As Shadows Pass By
9. Soulblood

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