ZARIA – Sij Obzorja (EP)

ZARIA - Sij Obzorja

Origin: Slovenia
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Zaria is a new Slovenian folk metal band from Medvode that was formed in Spring of 2011 by Inez (vocals, flute) and Miha (guitars). After the completion of their line-up, they started their first live appearances in 2012 and then they decided to enter the studio to record their first 4 songs. Finally in March 2013 the band released these tracks in a self financed EP, entitled “Sij Obzorja“.

Zaria play melodic folk metal with female vocals and they are very good at it. The first think I’d like to comment is the very good sound and their professional production, taking into consideration that these are the first tracks the band has ever recorded and that the EP is self-released, without any demos before. Their music is based on the nice combination of Miha’s rhythmic guitars with Inez’s wonderful vocals and enchanting folk melodies of her flutes. Her voice is moving between folk and operatic style, while sometimes it gets an almost Gothic color, which fits very good with their music. She is really very good! Gašper’s keyboards and guest violins by Ana Novak enrich the band’s orchestrations, making their overall sound very complete and balanced. Each of the four songs has something different to tell and they seem to have worked very much their compositions. They are equally good in the instrumental parts of their songs, some of them quite long, with really beautiful music. This is something rare for bands with good singers, since they usually focus everything on the melodic lines on the vocals, ignoring the rest… All of their lyrics are in Slovenian, speaking about stories learnt by life.

Sij Obzorja” is a really promising debut EP, totally recommended to folk metal fans. Zaria seem to have everything is takes to write a very good full-length album and I hope they get the distribution they deserve. Until then, you can visit their official pages and listen to their music, or support them by buying the EP, which is released in jewel-case CD with a 4-page booklet, illustrated by Petra Marčun.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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