TATIR “Cave of Ephyras… To the Infernal Fields” compilation out now

TATIR - Cave of Ephyras...

Tatir was one of the first Hellenic pagan black metal bands with a few ancient Greek folk elements. They were formed back in 1994 and released 2 EPs “Dark Autumn Nights” in 1995 and “Fons Acheroni” in 1996. They recorded a third EP “Cave of Ephyras… To the Infernal Fields” in 1997, but it was never released, since the band stopped its activities… This compilation contains for first time on CD these 3 EPs remastered, offering us all Tatir music at once. This is a must have for collectors and those who like old school underground Hellenic pagan black.


Cave of Ephyras… To the Infernal Fields – 1997
1. Under the Twelfth Moon
2. The Drawl of Naiad
3. Vastland of the Eternal Torments (Archaic Version)

Dark Autumn Nights – 1995
4. Katavasia
5. Long Lost Woods
6. Vastland of the Eternal Torments

Fons Acheroni – 1996
7. Mistress of the Mountains
8. The Invitation of Heralds





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