AHERUSIA announce new album release!

AHERUSIA - As I Cross the Seas of My Soul

Greek folk pagan black metallers Aherusia have finally revealed the details of their long awaited second full-length album. It will be entitled “As I Cross the Seas of My Soul” and will be released via the Greek label Bowel of Noise Records on the second half of May 2013. “As I Cross the Seas of My Soul” is a lyrical saga dedicated to freedom, a hymn to the restless soul of Sea, and its 8 songs last over 66 minutes! Bowel of Noise will also re-release on the exact same date Aherusia’s debut album “And the Tides Shall Reveal the Traces” from 2009, with a bonus DVD, entitled “Traces Revealed“. The DVD includes the movie “As the Traces Lead to Visions“, the official “Lux Occulta” video clip, a documentary for Aherusia and photos.

1. Flisvos
2. Archipelagos                 
3. Mano Incognitum
4. Arbor Martyrum
5. Ε Η Θ (Ελευθερία ή Θάνατος)
6. Path Of Thorns
7. From Abyss
8. Hic Hiemat Aeternatus

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