TERVINGI – Gotensaga

TERVINGI - Gotensaga

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Death Metal Pagan Metal
Label: Source of Deluge Records
Year: 2013

Tervingi is a new German epic pagan metal band from Tübingen. They were formed in 2011 by Johann Frey (ex-Lyfthrasyr), who is the main composer of the band. Their line-up includes also 2 Coronatus members and ex-Belphegor drummer Tomasz “Nefastus” Janiszewski, so they are all experienced musicians. Tervingi (something like Forest People) was a Visigoth tribe around the 3rd and 4th century, which is obviously the main inspiration for their lyrical concept, analyzed in detail in the CD booklet. The band has just released its debut full-length album “Gotensaga” via Source of Deluge Records.

They have a very tight and mature sound and a wonderful production, especially if you take into consideration that this is just their debut album. “Gotensaga” was mixed in Studio E “Klangschmiede” by Markus Stock (The Vision Bleak) and mastered in Finnvox Studio Helsinki by Mika Jussila, something that partly explains their perfect sound. Tervingi belong to the melodic type of pagan metal bands and their music is closer to epic heavy metal, with many symphonic elements and few epic death metal references. There are totally 11 songs in the album, lasting a little over 40 minutes and all compositions focus on the melodic nature of the band. Except for a few brutal vocals, Johann sings with wonderful dark epic and very expressive (almost theatrical at times) vocals that carry out most of the melodic lines. Guest female singers on 2 songs and beautiful speaking choirs complete the great work in the vocals, which in my opinion is the best element in their music. Their guitars are quite dominant in their sound, changing from epic rhythmic riffs to melodic leads; they even play some nice guitar solos. Synths have a symphonic approach, other times more melodic and discreet in the background and other times more powerful, almost majestic. The overall result is very interesting, with many changes in rhythm and style, since their music moves from epic death metal to symphonic pagan metal and slower soundtrack-like parts, all composed skillfully.

Gotensaga” is totally recommended to all fans of melodic pagan metal. Without any demo or EP before, they came out of nowhere with a very professional work. In my opinion this is a must-buy CD, since except for the beautiful music, it comes in a really deluxe edition, with a more than reasonable price, at least in their label’s webstore. It is released by Source of Deluge Records in A5 metal-box edition with 2 booklets. The first one is a standard sized 8-page booklet with album credits and the cover artwork. The second one is a 32-page A5 story book, with all lyrics and detailed stories behind the concept of each song. Lyrics and texts are all in German, written by Simon Maria Hassemer. Cover artwork and all graphic work in both booklets is by Gragoth. You can visit their official pages for sound samples and watch their official video for the song “Die Seherin“.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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4 Responses to TERVINGI – Gotensaga

  1. Interesting review, I will check this album out today !

  2. sooo I listened to this track. It’s pretty cool, i’m not a big fan of the vocals even if they are well-done Smilie: :) good and solid work, definitely

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