DÄMMERLICHT – Die Schönheit der Zeit (Demo)

DAMMERLICHT - Die Schonheit der Zeit

Origin: Austria
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Post Metal
Label: Le Crepuscule du Soir Productions
Year: 2013

Dämmerlicht is a new post black metal band from Innsbruck, Austria. It is the personal project of Michael Jenewein, who is also in the folk black metal band Isengrin. Michael started Dämmerlicht in 2012, wanting to explore a more atmospheric musical path. On February 2013, he released via the French label Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions the debut demo of the band, entitled “Die Schönheit der Zeit“.

The demo contains only 4 songs, but it lasts over 28 minutes, so it’s long enough to get a good taste of their music. Each of the four songs is dedicated to one of the year’s seasons, beginning from Spring, ending with Winter. Dämmerlicht’s music is slow atmospheric black metal, with a post melancholic mood, many acoustic guitars and instrumental passages. The sound of their guitars is closer to the post genre, while Michael’s extreme screaming vocals and whispers have a black metal approach. The band has a quite raw, natural and unpolished sound, but you soon get used to it and everything sounds melodic to your ears. I still believe though that a better production and some improvement in the vocals are needed. The music itself is really beautiful and Michael seems to have the composing and performing skills to merge these styles into a solid result. All of his lyrics are in German, dealing with his feelings and thoughts generated by each season.

Dämmerlicht seems a very promising project and I hope there is more from them in the future. “Die Schönheit der Zeit” has combined the warmth of hope and the sweet bitterness of melancholy in a really interesting result. It is released by Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions in a standard jewel-case edition CD-r, with an 8-page pro-printed booklet illustrated by Arianrhod Art, including all the lyrics. If you are interested in listening to their music, you can visit the band’s official pages in the links below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Dämmerlicht @ Facebook
Dämmerlicht @ MySpace


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