BASARABIAN HILLS – A Breath of the Wide Valley

BASARABIAN HILLS - A Breath of the Wide Valley

Origin: Moldova
Genre: Ambient Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Le Crepuscule du Soir Productions Nihil Interit Records
Year: 2012

Moldovan ambient atmospheric black metal band Basarabian Hills is back with its second album “A Breath of the Wide Valley“. It is the personal project of Spirit of the Forest from Făleşti, who formed them in the fall of 2011. On September 2012 his first album “Spirit of the Native Land” was released by Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions and Nihil Interit Records and in the end of the same year his second full-length was out again by the same labels.

A Breath of the Wide Valley” includes 3 long songs, exactly like the debut album and it lasts for almost 36 minutes. The first track “Bird’s-Eye View” opens with an enchanting keyboard melody, before the distorted guitars appear in the background. The style changes between ambient music and atmospheric black metal parts with very extreme vocals, while the wonderful keyboard “piano” melodies are very dominant, making it for me the best Basarabian Hills song so far. It’s an effort to describe what an eagle feels and sees while flying high in the sky. The next track “When the Wind Blows Over the Hills” is the longest of the album, lasting for over 14 minutes and is dedicated to the power of the wind. It moves in the same style blending ambient and atmospheric black metal, but the keyboards have a more melancholic mood this time. The third track is a completely ambient composition entitled “A Breath of the Wide Valley“. It is again a typical example of the genre, but I find much better and more interesting than the ambient song of the first album. The few lyrics of the album are all in English dealing with nature and spirituality.

With this work Basarabian Hills show an overall improvement, mostly in terms of composition. Their sound and production are slightly better, still remaining in a raw underground style, just perfect for their atmosphere. “A Breath of the Wide Valley” is released in a standard jewel-case CD-r edition with a 4-page booklet including all the lyrics. The band has already released digitally its third album “In the Stillness of the Codrii“, which will be hopefully released on CD soon. You can visit their official pages below and listen to their beautiful music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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