LUX DIVINA – Possessed by Telluric Feelings

LUX DIVINA - Possessed by Telluric Feelings

Origin: Spain
Genre: Extreme Progressive Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Einheit Produktionen
Year: 2013

Spanish pagan black metallers Lux Divina from Barcelona return with their second full-length album “Possessed by Telluric Feelings“. Formed in 1998 by their vocalist Norax, they had many line-up changes and it took them 11 years until their first full-length album. They released several demos and EPs before though. In 2009, their impressive debut “From the Tomb to Nature’s Blood” was out via Ars Magna Recordings and in 2013 the band signed to the German label Einheit Produktionen, who has just released their second work.

Possessed by Telluric Feelings” continues the very interesting style of their first album, improving at the same time every imperfection. Their music is based on the combination of raw aggressive, yet technical pagan black metal and melodic progressive dark metal with unbelievably good clean vocals! Despite the contradiction between the aggressive black metal screams and the emotional melancholic clean vocals, Lux Divina manage to sound very solid and tight, since it is this sad nature driven atmosphere of their music that dominates their sound. Once again keyboards are absent in their songs and guitars are the leading instrument of their music. Their riffs have the same pagan “color” both in the faster extreme parts and in the slower melodic ones and this is for sure one of their basic tools to build a solid atmosphere throughout the whole album. As written above, Norax uses equally brutal and clean vocals. His pagan black metal screams are great for the genre, but it is his expressive melancholic epic clean vocals that steal the show. In my opinion this is the trademark of Lux Divina’s sound. The band has only few folk elements and they are merged deep into their sound, since they don’t use any traditional instruments, except for guest hurdy gurdy by Lady Morte on the instrumental “Ode to December Moon“. There are totally 1o songs in the album and they last for over 48 minutes. All of their lyrics are in English, except for the song “Natura Gelida” in Spanish and they are inspired by nature, philosophy and melancholy.

Possessed by Telluric Feelings” totally deserves the attention of pagan progressive black metal fans. Lux Divina have an excellent production and they have managed to keep the perfect balance between the raw extreme sound of their pagan black metal parts and the epic melancholic mood of their calmer melodic parts. They have already released a video-clip for the opening track of the album “After Great Pain“, where you can get a first taste of their music. The album is released by Einheit Produktionen both in a standard jewel case version and in a limited to 250 copies special collector’s edition wooden box, with burn-in band logo, band-poster plus 2 post cards! Visit their official pages for more details.


Rating:  (9/10)

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