WOLFSWORD reveal debut album details

WOLFSWORD - Beyond the Thunderclouds

Pagan folk metallers WolfSword from Hertfordshire in England have finished the recordings of their debut full-length album and are in search for a label. The album is entitled “Beyond the Thunderclouds” and will be hopefully released on June 2013. Their style of music consists of epic symphonic metal, incorporated with folk melodies and instrumentation, including flute, violin, accordion and tin whistles. Harsh vocals, powerful metal drumming, aggressive, soaring  guitar riffs and bass lines are combined with subtle, epic and energetic synths and keyboards work, resulting in a big, full of life, awesome and atmospheric heavy sound. WolfSword are influenced by classical, folk and jazz music of all eras. They have a strong love for medieval, Anglo-Saxon, European and Scandinavian music and history. Musically and lyrically they are strongly influenced by mythology, fantasy, Tolkien, historical battles, poetry, love and life.

Borja Rubio – Vocals
Sam Tallant – Drums
Ben Weightman – Lead Guitar
Owen Evans – Guitar, Accordion, Flutes
Jack Cox – Bass

1. Ode to My Father
2. Beyond the Thunderclouds
3. Beneath the Oaken Shadow
4. Breath of the Troll
5. Pagan Hoards Unite
6. The Dreams of Odin
7. Call of the Raven
8. The Lake of Blood
9. Endless Mead
10. Blood of Storms
11. Thus Spoke the Wizard

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