APPALACHIAN WINTER – Appalachian Winter

APPALACHIAN WINTER - Appalachian Winter

Origin: USA
Genre: Epic Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

Appalachian Winter is the personal project of D.G. Klyne, who decided to begin this epic symphonic black metal band in 2007. Living in Pennsylvanian mountains, his music is deeply influenced by the wild surrounding nature of his homeland. This is the fourth full-length album of the band and it was released in the end of 2011. So far he is releasing one album each year, beginning with “Silence Before the Great Mountain Wind” in 2008, continuing with “Winter Eternal” in 2009, “I Become the Frozen Land” in 2010 and “Appalachian Winter” in 2011.

The first comment I have to make about Appalachian Winter is that they have a very full and complete sound, especially for a self-financed one man band! The good thing is that the sound is improving from album to album and this one is the most professional so far! Epic melodic pagan black metal riffing mixed with symphonic synths in a very solid result. D.G. Klyne uses both brutal black metal screams and epic clean male vocals. Except for the typical epic clean vocals, he also sings with many different “colors”; from operatic, to power metal… I believe he is a very good singer in all these styles and he has improved since his first efforts. The statement that “the entirety of this album is dedicated to all who live within the mountains – of every epoch and of every land”, leaves no doubt about the pagan nature of the lyrics. There are 9 songs in this album that last for over an hour. There are some beautiful acoustic passages and a few folk touches that work in favor of the whole concept. My only “objection” is in some symphonic instrumental parts full of synths, which are a bit too long and of lesser quality (both in sound and composition) compared to the rest of the album. Luckily enough all other elements of his music are very good!

I believe this is the best album for the band so far, especially in terms of sound quality, since all of the previous works were also very good. He is already preparing his next album “Ghosts of the Mountains” scheduled for release in the end of 2012. The easiest way to get Appalachian Winter’s albums and listen to his music is via his bandcamp page in the link below. D.G. Klyne prefers to provide his music for free in digital format. He has also printed a few limited copies of each album in CD-r with professionally printed full artwork. You can visit his facebook page for more info or contact him if you are interested.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Appalachian Winter @ Facebook
Appalachian Winter @ Bandcamp


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