SIEGHETNAR reveal new album details

SIEGHETNAR - Astralwinter

Ambient black metal band Sieghetnar from Germany will release its new album, entitled “Astralwinter“. The full album is instrumental, containing 3 spherical and epic songs that will take the listener to a deep journey into cold landscapes. Two of them are totally ambient songs and the other is a transcendental ambient black metal composition. “Astralwinter” will be released on the summer of 2013 via German label Kristallblut Records in A5 Amaray case limited to 1000 copies. There will also be a limited to 50 copies A5 digipak edition, with patch, emblem etc. in the near future, again via Kristallblut Records.

1. Einklang
2. Astralwinter                
3. Ausklang



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