HEL announce new album release date, reveal album cover and tracklist

HEL - Das Atmen der Erde

Pagan black metallers Hel from Germany announce the release of their fourth full-length album “Das Atmen der Erde” – (The Breathing of the Earth) 5 years after the acoustic “Tristheim“. This time the band goes without a label and will promote their album on their own. It will be in digipak format with a 20-page booklet. Release date is set to the 7th or April. You can visit the band’s webpage for more details, or visit their reverbnation page to listen to the teaser which contains 6 of the 12 album songs.


You can also pre-order the CD in the band’s own shop.
There is special pre-order bundle with button and patch for the single price of the CD.

1. Wo die Tannen Thronen
2. Wagemut
3. Von Reiter und Flutross
4. Wanderer im Nebelmeer
5. Komm Zurück
6. Am Grunde der Unendlichkeit
7. Wyrd
8. So Wahrheit, Erkenne Mich
9. Jagdnacht
10. Eroberer
11. Träumers Melodie
12. Neun Gestade Tiefer
Playing time: 65:31


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