SCHWARZWALD – Welcome to Trolland (Demo)

SCHWARZWALD - Welcome to Trolland

Origin: Spain
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Their name might be of German origin, but Schwarzwald is actually a Spanish folk metal band from Tenerife. Their guitarist, vocalist and composer Satur, originally started them as a personal project in 2005, releasing the demo “Journey Through the Night“. Officially though, as a complete seven piece band, they were formed in 2010 and soon enough they played in several local festivals and gigs. After some line-up changes, there are now six members in the band and with this line-up they released their demo “Welcome to Trolland” on December 2012.

The demo is quite short and its 5 songs last for a little over 16 minutes. The band plays folk metal with a very cheerful, happy mood. There is a drinking humorous approach in their music and even if they don’t offer something new, time passes very pleasantly with this work. Their guitars have mostly rhythmical role and their sound is heavy and deep, while the overall tempo is quite fast. They use many folk instruments, like mouth-harp, horns, flutes and accordion and their orchestrations are very good, even if the production and sound still needs a lot of improvement. I believe though it’s only a matter of time and budget, since the band seems to be technically skillful enough. Vocals are mostly on the black metal side, but there are many “drank” choirs in the refrains. All compositions in “Welcome to Trolland” are really nice, with many beautiful folk melodies and interesting sound. Their lyrics are in English inviting the listener to drink and eat as much as he can!

In my opinion ”Welcome to Trolland” is a very entertaining demo recommended to folk metal fans, who like the more cheerful side of the genre. Schwarzwald is a very good band, with a balanced and rich sound. Except for the production improvement, I’d like to listen in the future to something more personal from them, maybe something more focused on their local traditional music. “Welcome to Trolland” is self-released by the band in a slim jewel case edition, sealed by a red wax stamp, with the band logo carved on it. It comes with 4 page booklet, illustrated by Victor Arrocha. You can visit their official profiles to listen to their music and get the demo if you are interested.


Rating:  (8/10)

Schwarzwald @ Facebook
Schwarzwald @ MySpace


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