AFTERGOD reveal debut demo details

AFTERGOD - The Honourable Way

AfterGod is an Italian folk metal band, founded in 2008 and finally, after years of composition and concerts, they recorded their four-track debut demo entitled “The Honourable Way” and it will be self-released hopefully by the end of June 2013. The band uses the term “Evocative Folk” to describe its production in the most comprehensive manner. In AfterGod’s repertoire there are songs close to both folk metal and traditional folk, songs with a more power metal-oriented sound, and other symphonic, epic and viking compositions. What makes AfterGod’s songs “evocative” are the texts and main themes, divided into two opposite strands. On one hand, short stories, dialogues and monologues, inspired by history and mythology of pre-Christian “Before God”, Celtic and Nordic civilization, recall the bound with homeland and positive values ​​of man. On the other hand, voice is given to the drama and anguish of mankind of the age “After God”, those who have been overwhelmed by the awareness that the upcoming era brought to the loss of old values ​​and the to hatred, violence and greed. The contrast between the ages “Before and After God” occupies a central place in the artistic production of the band, who chose its name to underline the historical period in which people are living, according to such a distinction. The band’s style is constantly evolving and getting enriched by the fusion of different musical backgrounds of its members.

Virginia Baldini – vocals
Thomas Gualtieri – piano & keyboards
J.C. Correale – guitar
Marzio Morganti – bass
Yann Gualtieri – drums

1. Old Viking’s March
2. We Ride
3. Para Bellum
4. Waning Moon

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