FOLK METAL JACKET – Spill This Album (EP)

FOLK METAL JACKET - Spill This Album

Origin: Italy
Genre: Folk Extreme Metal
Label: Moonlight Records
Year: 2013

Folk Metal Jacket is a new band coming from Modena in Italy. As you can easily guess by their name they are into folk metal! The band was formed in 2009 around the basic idea to combine banjo with melodic folk metal! Soon enough they got a six piece line-up and they started working on some covers. In 2011 and after several line-up changes, they recorded the demo “Our War has Begun“. After some live shows, they signed a deal with the Italian label Moonlight Records and in 2013 they released their debut EP “Spill This Album“.

Judging by the cover artwork and album title, I was expecting to listen to something like typical beer folk metal. Luckily for me, Folk Metal Jacket is much more than this. Of course the core of their music, as well as their lyrical concept, has a cheerful drinking mood, but their songs have also many epic elements. The band moves mostly in a fast tempo, with very good sound and production for the genre. The use of banjo as the leading folk instrument adds a lot of originality and personality to their sound. Their guitars change from epic leads to rhythmic riffs, while their melodic synths help them sound even more epic. They use mostly extreme screaming vocals that fit perfectly with their music. A few clean vocals and some choirs make their compositions even more complete. Sometimes there is also a progressive experimental mood in the songs and generally their music is always interesting. There are 5 songs in the EP, each one with its own identity, something that I find very positive. The total duration of “Spill This Album” is a little over 22 minutes. All their lyrics are in English, speaking about drinks, women and epic folk tales.

Overall I find Folk Metal Jacket a very promising group, quite different from what I expected to listen from a band with this lyrical and artwork concept. I recommend their debut EP to fans of beer folk metal who’d like to listen to a more epic extreme version of the genre. “Spill This Album” is released by Moonlight Records in a standard jewel-case edition with 8-page booklet including all lyrics. For more info and sound samples you better visit their official pages below.


Rating:  (8/10)

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