ADVENT SORROW – Before the Dimming Light (EP)

ADVENT SORROW - Before the Dimming Light

Origin: Australia
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal Symphonic Death Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Coming from the other edge of the globe, Advent Sorrow is a symphonic black death metal band that will most probably amaze you! This six-piece group was formed in Perth of Western Australia in 2010 and last year they self-released their debut work, the impressive EP “Before the Dimming Light“. In the end of 2012 they also released the split internet single ”Ravens and Blood” with the Serbian epic black metal band Númenor.

Before the Dimming Light“ contains 5 songs of brilliant symphonic blackened death metal, with very professional production and wonderful sound! It is a concept album about the inner thoughts of a murderous lunatic and the story of each song tries to explore different aspects of his delusional mind. Melodic guitar riffs and expressive extreme vocals are combined with various layers and types of keys, in a horror atmospheric result. Their orchestrations are rich and their rhythm changes often from mid to fast tempo, with many orchestral, symphonic and soundtrack-like elements. Unique atmospheric piano parts are flirting with the avant-garde genre, creating the perfect soundscape for their lyrical concept. Their songs are very complex and technically demanding, but at the same time everything sounds perfectly natural and balanced. This proves in my opinion the great composing skills of the band. The EP lasts for exactly 25 minutes and my only question is if they can stay at the same level in a full album. I suppose time will tell.

Sometimes things are very simple: if “Before the Dimming Light” was released by a big band, or a major label, it would be praised as a masterpiece of the genre. Since none of the above is happening, your only chance to listen to their music is to visit their official pages below. Expect for the digital format, the EP is also released by Advent Sorrow in a beautiful digipak edition, unluckily without booklet and lyrics. It is almost sold out, so if you want a copy, you better contact directly the band as fast as you can. Advent Sorrow are currently preparing their debut full-length…


Rating:  (9/10)

Advent Sorrow @ Facebook


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