MOSS OF MOONLIGHT reveal new EP details


Blackened folk metal band Moss of Moonlight, from Bellingham, Washington will release its second album, the EP “Winterwheel” via Cascadian Alliance this summer solstice, June 21, 2013. The band consists of Cavan Wagner (growls, male vocals, guitars, programming, other instruments) and Jenn Grunigen (drums, percussion, female vocals). Their first release “Seed“, last year, was a concept album about a band of Pacific Northwestern rebels that rise up and create the Republic of Cascadia. Their second album and first EP “Winterwheel” digs deeper into the earth; it’s an album of Anglo-Saxon gods and primal paganism. It is a 45 minute trance into the otherworlds. Using Anglo-Saxon chanting, haunting female vocals, visceral growls and a giant atmosphere, Moss of Moonlight has put ancient pagan ritual into song.

1. Gǣt ( 11:56 )
2. Ēole ( 10:02 )
3. Catte ( 13:08 )
4. Hræfne ( 5:54 )

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