Origin: Austria Germany
Genre: Ambient Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Nordsturm Productions
Year: 2010

Sieghetnar and Uruk-Hai are two bands with many similarities. First of all they both belong in the generic ambient black metal genre. Sieghetnar is the personal project of Thorkraft from Germany and Uruk-Hai the personal project of Alex Wieser from Austria. Both bands have released many albums and re-released several of them in various editions. Back in 2010, Nordsturm Productions released a split album with 3 songs of each band, which I only recently got in my hands. I guess better late than never.

The first part of the album belongs to Sieghetnar and lasts a little over 17 minutes. The band plays atmospheric instrumental black metal without any vocals at all and very limited ambient parts, compared to their other works. These 3 songs are based completely on the melancholic sound of distorted guitars that together with the discreet synth orchestrations create a dark depressive atmosphere. It is a very solid work from the band, who usually prefers to add long ambient parts in its works. The second “side”, which is much longer – over 31 minutes, contains the 3 songs from Uruk-Hai. With each composition lasting for about 10 minutes, Uruk-Hai perform their characteristic fantasy ambient soundtrack-like music. Epic atmospheric ambient synths are enriched by many samples and battle sounds. The 3 songs of this split are unusually “heavy” for Uruk-Hai standards, since they are full of distorted guitars and screaming vocals, both somewhere in the background, accompanied by beautiful ethereal female vocals, folk instruments and countless enchanting melodies. For me, this split is by far the best work Uruk-Hai has released the last years and one of their best ever!

I must admit I wanted this album mostly for collectible reasons, but it definitely exceeded my expectations, especially the Uruk-Hai side! If you don’t know these bands, this split is a perfect way to get a taste of their music, with very good songs from both of them. I have to inform you though, that Uruk-Hai usually move in more ambient instrumental paths in their other works… The split is released by Nordsturm Productions in a limited to 500 copies standard jewel-case edition, with a 4-page booklet illustrated by Alex “Hugin” Wieser. Unluckily there are no lyrics and the package / artwork isn’t at the same level with the music. In the following links you can find more information about the bands.


Rating:  (8/10)

Uruk-Hai @ Facebook
Uruk-Hai @ MySpace


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