EISMOND – As We Hide the Moon

EISMOND - As We Hide the Moon

Origin: Austria
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Experimental Space Ambient
Label: Kristallblut Records
Year: 2013

Austrian atmospheric space ambient blackened metal band Eismond has finally released its debut full-length album “As We Hide the Moon“. The band was formed in 2010 by Alex Wieser, who is also behind many other mostly ambient related projects, like Uruk-Hai, Hrossharsgrani, Elisabetha, Bonemachine, Hrefnesholt, Wach, Manwë and others. After some demos as a solo project, Jaron joined the band in guitars and vocals (the project was mostly instrumental before) and Eismond released their first album in 2013 via the German label Kristallblut Records, who also re-released their first demo remastered with bonus tracks in CD version, entitled “Behind the Moon We Are Looking into the Distance”.

Eismond’s music was always inspired by the mystery and beauty of outer space and the secrets hidden in other worlds, with a preference in our planet’s satellite, Moon. Their music is down tempo, with atmospheric synths, a few distorted background guitars and various experimental sound samples, giving you the impression that everything moves slow, floating in zero gravity. There are 4 very long compositions, each one over 12 minutes, while 2 of them are actually over 20 minutes, so the whole album lasts for 72 minutes. The presence of lead melodic guitars and solos in some “selected” parts add a very warm touch in the songs. This time there are a few whispers and some clean male vocals, enriching even more their sound, but it’s true that the album still gives the impression of an instrumental work. I’d like to comment the wonderful melodic vocal parts in the first song “The Wind that Shakes the Grass“, which are really epic! The closing track “The Gilded Mountain” is their most heavy song so far, with more distorted guitars and a few screaming vocals. “As We Hide the Moon” moves in the footsteps of the demo album, but is more solid, interesting and well-produced.

Fans of ambient space atmospheric music could find Eismond a very interesting experiment. Their somehow “blackened” atmosphere could also attract metal audience and of course all those who like Alex’s other projects, since there are some common elements with most of them. “As We Hide the Moon” is released by Kristallblut Records in deluxe 6-panel digipak with all the lyrics and beautiful artwork of alien ice-covered rocky landscapes. You can visit their official profiles for more info and sound samples.


Rating:  (8/10)

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