VIHMANA ready to release second album

VIHMANA - Un Ocaso Trascendente

The second studio album of Spanish ethnic doom death metal project Vihmana is ready, 4 years after their debut EP “Templo“. It is entitled ”Un Ocaso Trascendente” (a Transcendent Twilight) and will be released by Nooirax Producciones on July 2013. The artwork has been designed by Nacho Hernández, who is the only member of Vihmana. The album is going to have 8 songs, among which is “Amatevi“, a cover of the legendary Sicilian world music band Agricantus. “Un Ocaso Trascendente” will be a new step in the evolution of Vihmana’s music. The different styles that characterize their music (death/doom metal, Gothic rock, ethnic and ambient music, amongst others) will be still present, taking a new dimension, including new elements, arrangements and instruments. Nacho Hernández will be surrounded by new collaborators, as Jaime Pascual, Tomás Muñoz and Pablo Hünerberg of Tinnitia, Javier Guarino (Infusión Flowers/End’o minds), Luis Horacio (Barcloser’s Band) and other guests. The single “Al Alba Inhumana” is already available for streaming.

1. Un Ocaso
2. Al Alba Inhumana
3. Caminante del Sueño
4. Alminar
5. Hasta Nuestra Completa Aniquilación
6. El Rumbo de Nadie
7. Monzón
8. Amatevi

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