NE OBLIVISCARIS song at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music!

NE OBLIVISCARIS - Logo & bandAustralian metal visionaries Ne Obliviscaris have seen their song, “And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope” included in a teaching curriculum at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, one of Australia’s most prestigious classical Conservatories. The song will undergo a compositional analysis by Professor Matthew Hindson, Chair of Composition at the Conservatorium. Matthew Hindson is a world renowned classical composer whose works have been performed by ensembles and orchestras throughout the world. His recent ballet music, for example, has been presented by such companies as the Birmingham Royal Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet and the National Ballet of Japan. Professor Hindson commented on the event, saying: “I will be presenting “And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope” to the composition students at the Conservatorium next semester as an exemplar in structure, mixing timbres, meters, modes, how to approach virtuosity, sound and noise, extended performance and techniques. The students will need to study 2 technical aspects of what Ne Obliviscaris have done in their music, and then use these techniques in their own classical music compositions. It is my pleasure to introduce such high quality music making to our students, alongside other music by composers including Beethoven, Gershwin, Steve Reich and Peter Sculthorpe. Musicians deserve to hear the music of Ne Obliviscaris, and the music of many other metal bands, in order to appreciate the compositional complexity that lies within it, no matter what their musical tastes.

Melbourne’s Ne Obliviscaris stand apart from their peers by infusing metal with avant-garde approaches to jazz, flamenco guitars, and progressive black metal. With adventurous, progressive, and nuanced compositions Ne Obliviscaris is a band with profound depth and a musical proficiency at the highest levels. With their first demo “The Aurora Veil” in 2007, Ne Obliviscaris garnered significant word-of-mouth within the metal underground. In 2012, their debut album, “Portal of I“, released by Aural Music, showcased their unique array of influences and dynamic songwriting, and sent shock waves through the metal underground once again. Met with even more praise, “Portal of I” made several “Best of 2012″ lists (Metal Hammer Germany, No Clean Singing, Metal Injection). On February 12th 2013 Ne Obliviscaris announced their deal with Season of Mist.

Benjamin Baret – Lead Guitar
Matt Klavins – Guitar,
Brendan “Cygnus” Brown – Bass
Dan Presland – Drums
Tim Charles – Violin and Vocals
Xenoyr – Vocals

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