NHOR new full-length album details

NHOR - Within the Darkness Between the Starlight

British ambient black metal band Nhor’s upcoming full-length album will be entitled “Within the Darkness Between the Starlight“. Their latest opus comprises its ambient and black metal sound spheres in equal measure and, for the artist, epitomizes the equilibrium he begins to see between his main inspirations, the stars and forests. This insight is also the subject of the accompanying short story which is once more of equal value to the music and an integral component of the release. ”Within the Darkness Between the Starlight” will be released only in vinyl edition on August 30th through Prophecy Productions. It will be a gatefold 2LP (180g heavy virgin vinyl) including poster and PVC protection sleeve, limited to 500 copies and is already available for pre-order on Prophecy’s webstore. It will also be included in a 4-CD collection with complete discography of Nhor, which will be released the same date by Prophecy Productions again.

1. A Forest Draped in Moonlight
2. Within the Darkness Between the Starlight
3. Patient Hunter, Patient Night
4. The Fall of Orion
5. An Awakening Earth
6. Rohmet Etarnu
7. The Temple of Growth and Glimmer Ascends
8. Alnilam

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