VÀLI debut album re-release

VALI - Forlatt

Vàli is a Norwegian one-man acoustic folk project, whose the debut album ”Forlatt” was released back in 2004 in a very limited edition. Word got out rapidly among connoisseurs of the genre that this was an album that was a match for genre classics such as “Kveldssanger” by Ulver or “Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays” by Empyrium, so that the CD was quickly sold out. Due to the unabated demand as well as the sheer musical quality of this gem, “Forlatt” is now re-released as digipak CD and gatefold LP and thereby made available for the majority of followers for the first time. Both versions will be released by Prophecy Productions on August 30, 2013 and they are already available for pre-order on the label’s webstore. On the exact same date the new full length album of Vàli “Skogslandskap” will also be released by Prophecy…

1. Naar Vinden Graater…
2. Dypt Inne I Skogen
3. Et Ensomt Minne         
4. Nordlysets Dans
5. Lengsel
6. Sorg
7. Skumringens Omfavn
8. Her Ute I Moerket
9. Taake
10. Doedens Evige Kall

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