STORMLORD announce new album

STORMLORD - Hesperia

Italian extreme epic metallers Stormlord have announced the release of their 5th full-length album, 5 years after their previous and most successful work up to date “Mare Nostrum“. The new album, entitled “Hesperia“, is the first concept album of their career and it’s inspired by “Aeneid“, the Latin epic poem written by ancient Roman poet Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro) between 29 and 19 BC. The album features various languages, including English, Italian and ancient Latin; the lyrics of the opening song, “Aeneas“, are taken from the proem of the “Aeneid” and are sung in Latin following the original metrical accent (dactylic hexameter), an experiment never tried before in metal music. The production was handled by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre, Necrodeath, The Foreshadowing, Klimt 1918, Crest of Darkness, Hour of Penance, Deinonychus etc.) at The Outer Sound Studios (Rome, Italy), while for the mastering the band has chosen Mika Jussila (Stratovarius, Nightwish, Wintersun etc.) of Finnvox Studios (Helsinki, Finland). The epic cover and the booklet artworks were created by Hungarian illustrator Gyula Havancsák (Destruction, Stratovarius, Grave Digger, Tyr etc.). “Hesperia” will be released on September 20th, 2013 by the German label Trollzorn Records and will be distributed worldwide by AFM Records. The band released also a trailer of the upcoming album and revealed its tracklist.

1. Aeneas
2. Motherland
3. Bearer of Fate
4. Hesperìa
5. Onward to Roma
6. Sic Volvere Parcas
7. My Lost Empire
8. Those Upon the Pyre

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