EKOVE EFRITS – Conceptual Horizon

EKOVE EFRITS -Conceptual Horizon

Origin: Iran
Genre: Ambient Depressive Black Metal Experimental
Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records
Year: 2011

Ekove Efrits has been a great discovery for me, since their beginning back in 2005. I have both their demos “Into the Funeral Witches” and “The Wraiths of Forgotten Forest” from 2006, where the band played raw melancholic black metal. It is actually the solo project of Saman N. aka Count De Efrit, who is composing and preforming everything in his albums. The fact that he is from Iran, a rather uncommon place for metal, raised my curiosity at first. In 2008 Ekove Efrits released their debut full-length album “Suicidal Rebirth” through Possession Productions and they showed an amazing evolution! A lot of doom, experimental and post-rock influences and some female vocals were added in this enchanting album! In 2010 the album “Hypermnesia” was an internet only release, totally different from the typical Ekove Efrits style; experimental electronic classical music! In 2011 the band released its third full-length “Conceptual Horizon”, this time with a much better label, Hypnotic Dirge and I hope they will get the distribution they deserve.

Conceptual Horizon” is simply amazing! One of the best melancholic depressive black metal albums I have ever listened to! They manage to merge so many genres in their music with a remarkable composing skill… Saman N. has kept his extreme black metal roots, but his sound is so much enriched. Doom metal, post rock, ambient, classical music, electronic, trip-hop and depressive black metal are blended altogether with a common characteristic: MELANCHOLY. There are so many enchanting moments in this album, so many brilliant melodies. Each time I listen to the 11 songs they drag me deeper into their sorrowful atmosphere. “Conceptual Horizon” lasts for more than one hour, but I wish it never ended. Synths, piano, acoustic and electronic instruments have equal role with the typical metal instruments. Of course I must warn that black metal parts are significantly reduced compared to the first works, but they are still here. The production and overall sound remains in the underground qualities and it fits perfectly with the music. Vocals have also a huge variety, from black metal screams, to clean male, whispers and everything in-between… All songs are so different, but even the instrumental songs, or the songs without metal orchestrations at all, they all sound as one, unified under the same atmosphere. For me the highlight of this album is “Hills of Ashes”, one of the best and most melancholic songs I’ve ever heard. All lyrics are in English dealing about nature, darkness, sorrow and death and as Saman N. himself states “the band has no connection with any cult, movement or ideology”.

Conceptual Horizon” is one of the best albums I’ve listened to recently, totally recommended to any open minded music fan. It is the most complete work of Ekove Efrits so far and I really hope they continue this way. The CD comes with a nicely illustrated 16-page booklet containing all lyrics and it really worth your money. You can visit their pages in the links for more info and samples, or watch the promotional video for the album below.


Rating:  (9/10)

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