FROSTSEELE – Saat der Sterne (EP)

FROSTSEELE - Saat der Sterne

Origin: Germany
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Razed Soul Productions Self Mutilation Services
Year: 2013

German atmospheric black metallers FrostSeele have just released their second work, the 3-song EP “Saat der Sterne“, one year after their debut album “PrækΩsmium“. The band was formed in 2009, as the personal project of FrostSeele, who composes all music and performs almost everything with the help of few guest musicians. Both of his works are co-released by the Mexican label Self Mutilation Services and the American label Razed Soul Productions.

Saat der Sterne” is quite long for EP, since its 3 songs last for more than 32 minutes, so you can get a satisfying “portion” of the band’s remarkable improvement. In their first work, FrostSeele were experimenting with different styles and atmospheres from song to song. This time they kept only the best elements and tried to balance all their influences inside each composition. So, with more complex song structures and a dramatically improved production, they created a very solid sound and most importantly a common atmosphere throughout the whole album. Their music is melodic black metal, with many atmospheric, acoustic and instrumental passages. They are equally good in everything they play, without any weak parts. Wonderful acoustic guitars, beautiful violins (played by Benjamin Manz) and atmospheric synths are combined with warm distorted guitars and outbursts of bitter black metal. Harsh vocals are performed by the guest singer Daniel Joas, who is doing an amazing job with his expressive and passionate screams. The band uses also some recitations and whispers in the calmer parts. Their lyrics are in German and if you are interested you can read them in the CD inlay.

FrostSeele have released a quality EP of atmospheric black metal, recommended to fans of the genre. The overall improvement compared to the debut album, especially in such a shot time, raises my expectations from the band in the future! ”Saat der Sterne” is limited to 1000 copies, 900 of them in 2-panel digipak and 100 of them in A5 digipak with alternative artwork and a patch. The beautiful cover picture is entitled “On the Pontine Swamps” painted by the Swiss symbolist painter Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901). In the official FrostSeele pages below, you can listen to their music and find info on purchasing the album.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

FrostSeele @ Facebook
FrostSeele @ Bandcamp


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