VORNA – Ajastaika

VORNA - Ajastaika

Origin: Finland
Genre: Epic Death Metal Folk Black Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: Inverse Records
Year: 2013

Vorna is a new Finnish melodic folk black metal band from Tampere that was formed in the end of 2008. Their line-up, which remains the same until today, was completed in 2009, the same year they released their first demo “Menetetty“. In 2010, their second demo “Ammoisen Päivän Raunioilla” was out, followed by a third one in 2011, the 2-song demo “Jäätynyt”. Finally, 5 years after their creation, Vorna signed a deal with Inverse Records and their debut full-length album “Ajastaika” was released on August 16th 2013 in Finland and will be released worldwide on September 20th.

I haven’t listened to their demos, so I can’t tell much about the progress or changes in the band’s sound, but what I listen in this debut full-length album is more than satisfying! Vorna (named after a character from the Finnish folklore) have a professional production and a perfectly clear sound. The roots of their music are on melodic black metal, but they also have influences from several other genres, with folk metal and epic black death metal being the most dominant of them. They don’t move from one genre to the other in their songs. Instead they have worked hard to balance these different styles into one solid result, forging their own personal sound. Melodic guitars and epic synths, with a few touches of symphonic metal, are combined harmonic with acoustic guitars, mouth harps and violins. Their sound is very rich, but never becomes too overloaded and their compositions sound quite epic, with a melancholic folk mood dominant throughout the whole album. Their vocals are mostly on the brutal side and their vocalist Vesa can sing perfectly in various black death metal styles. They also have a few wonderful epic clean vocals and choirs, which I wished they have used more extensively… “Ajastaika” has 11 songs totally, including 3 songs from the first 2 demos and its total duration is around 54 minutes. All of their lyrics are in Finnish (in their demos there were a couple of songs in English too) dealing with nature, northern myths and personal emotions.

Vorna is a new promising melodic epic folk black metal band, recommended to all fans of the genre. Their debut album “Ajastaika” is a very professional work with great sound and countless wonderful epic folk melodies. It is released by the Finnish label Inverse Records in a standard jewel case edition with 12-page booklet, including all lyrics. Album artwork is by Jussi Leppänen / Tulimyrsky Design and Arttu Järvisalo. You better visit their official profile below and discover this great new band.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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