VALFREYA ink deal with Maple Metal Records, announce debut album details

VALFREYA - Path to Eternity

Canadian viking folk metal band Valfreya have announced that they have inked a worldwide deal with Maple Metal Records of Toronto. Valfreya’s debut album “Path to Eternity” will have it’s official release in late May of this year, with the exact release date yet to be confirmed. Formed in February of 2009, Valfreya is a six-member band from Montreal. The band’s front-woman Crook, has a vocal range of symphonic clean vocals to that of guttural growls, and she is the main composer of “Path to Eternity” with key contributions from guitar player Graz’zt, drummer Mawhje, and all the band members. “Path to Eternity” was produced by the band and was recorded, mixed and mastered in the fall of 2011 at Silver Wings Studio in Montreal.

1. Path to Eternity
2. Deity’s Grace
3. Inferno
4. Beyond Illusions
5. Ocean’s Assault
6. Confront Immensity
7. Condemned World
8. Alefest
9. My Everlasting Scar
10. Glorious Death

Valfreya is:
Crook – Lead Vocals
Graz’zt – Guitars, Vocals
Karhu – Guitars
Pinch – Bass
Shark – Keyboards
Mawhjey – Drums, Vocals



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