ODR reveal debut demo details

ODR - Il Ponte del Diavolo

Odr is a new Italian folk death black metal band from Turin. They were formed in the February of 2012 and their name comes from the Norse god Óðr and it means something like: “the fury that ignores the prudence and does not listen to common sense”. Odr have recorded their first demo “Il Ponte del Diavolo” and shared all its songs on their YouTube channel and on their official Facebook profile. “Il Ponte del Diavolo” will be released on CD hopefully in the first days of October 2013. The band has unveiled the cover artwork od the demo, its tracklist, as well as a brief description of each song’s concept.

Tracklist and songs’ concepts:                                

1. Notte Alcolica (Alcoholic Night)
This track is an hymn to the drunk. All nights spent to the tavern, drinkin and eatin, telling stories and dancing on the table is what we prefer.

2. Luna Antica (Ancient Moon)
The second track talks about a man walking with his mind in the darkness of a night in a forest. At first, he can only hear a far melody, but as he keeps moving in this dream, he can catch sight of the forest spirits that meet every night and dance around a fire. Everyone who is dead in the forest, keeps living eternally in that place. No one knows this “immortal dance”, only the souls that live that forest know. If the man has seen all of these things, probably he wasn’t dreaming… probably he was dead too.

3. Il Ponte del Diavolo (Devil’s Bridge)
The titletrack of the demo talks about a legend of our hills near Turin. Once the people who lived in the hills near Turin tried to build this bridge, but everytime it collapsed. People said that it was the devil. Then, the priest of the village had a conversation with the devil in person and they came to an agreement: the devil would built the bridge, but the soul of the first one who would cross it would belong to him. In the night the bridge was built, in the morning the first who crossed the bridge was the priest’s old dog. The bridge is still existing.

4. Sussurro Autunnale (Autumn’s Whisper)
This track is the intro of the next one. It is talking about the autumn tranquility, where everything is calm and stopped, but the end announces the arrival of the winter.

5. Inverno Ancestrale (Ancestral Winter)
In this track winter is personified in a cruel god who only can bring desolation and death. No one can escape him, no one will survive his fury. But he is not so cruel without a reason, his hard work is to remind people to wait for the heat of summer and dreaming of something better and that nothing is eternal.

Max – vocals (growls, screams, clean)
Ciccio – flutes
Pol – guitars
Enri – drums
Villa – bass

Odr @ Facebook
Odr @ YouTube


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