AFTERGOD – The Honourable Way (Demo)

AFTERGOD - The Honourable Way

Origin: Italy
Genre: Folk Metal Symphonic Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Italian folk metallers AfterGod from Rimini have just released their first work ever, the 4-song demo EP “The Honourable Way“. The band was formed in 2008 by Thomas (keyboards) and Stefano (guitars). The line-up was completed soon and they participated in several concerts, winning also the local musical contest “Bellaria Rock Festival”, something that boosted their self-confidence. In the end of 2009, Virginia joined AfterGod and the band redirected its sound, since the combination of female and male vocals opened new paths to them. Finally in the summer of 2013, five years after their creation, they managed to release their debut demo EP.

The band calls its music style evocative folk metal and what they offer us in this demo is 4 songs with a total duration around 22 minutes. Commenting on the sound quality, I think this could be easily considered as a debut EP and not only just a demo! The album opens with the instrumental intro “Old Viking’s March“, an epic soundtrack-like song. The next song “We Ride” gives us a first taste of the band’s sound. Epic symphonic metal with female vocals and some power and folk metal influences. They don’t belong in the typical female fronted Gothic symphonic metal, since their music isn’t overloaded by synths and their guitars are much more dominant in their sound, having often an almost progressive touch. Virginia’s vocals don’t sound too ethereal either and she prefers singing in a more epic heavy metal style. The third track “Para Bellum” has a more folk approach and is the only one that includes male vocals, both epic choirs and growls, all by the guest singer Leonardo Dalla Via, who is vocalist of the folk metal band Vallorch. They also use more folk instruments (I think keyboards though), since in the previous track they were mostly in the background. The last song “Waning Moon” is the longest of the album and is deeply influenced by classic music. It is a symphonic metal composition with beautiful piano passages and choirs, while Virginia sings in operatic vocals! Actually all of the 3 main songs have something different to tell and the band seems to be equally good at all these styles. Their lyrics deal with mythological themes and personal emotions, focusing on the contrast between the ages before and after God, something depicted on their name too.

AfterGod is another promising folk metal band from Italy. “The Honourable Way” reveals their serious intentions, since it’s a very professional demo with great sound, skilled musicians and a good female singer. They experiment with various styles, something that  appreciate a lot. On the other hand I’d like to see less differences between each song in the future, hoping that the band will keep only the best elements of their various influences. “The Honourable Way” is released in standard jewel-case CD with 2-page booklet and back-cover. You can visit their official Facebook profile to listen to their music and contact the band if interested in buying a physical copy.


Rating:  (8/10)

AfterGod @ Facebook


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