WALDSCHRAT – Nostalgie.Resonanz

WALDSCHRAT - Nostalgie Resonanz

Origin: Austria
Genre: Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Talheim Records
Year: 2013

Austrian pagan black metallers Waldschrat have finally released their debut album. The band was formed in 2009 by Sarolf, Eventyr and T.R. and the same year they released their demo “Der Alte Pfad“. In 2010 though, they lost interest in this project and decided to pause it. Luckily enough, Sarolf and Eventyr resurrected Waldschrat in 2012 and the band participated in the Burzum-tribute “Forsvunnet Filosofem”. After several line-up additions and changes, they started working on their first full-length album “Nostalgie.Resonanz“, which was released on June 30th 2013 via the Austrian label Talheim Records.

Nostalgie.Resonanz” is a long album, including 10 songs, plus 2 bonus tracks and it lasts over 62 minutes. The main album opens and closes with two wonderful atmospheric piano based instrumental songs, “Nostalgie (Intro)” and “Resonanz (Outro)“. In the 8 other “basic” compositions Waldschrat play a mixture of melodic raw black metal and pagan black metal and the result is very good. The band has done an excellent work in the guitar riffs and they manage to sound very melodic, without any keyboards at all. Their sound is closer to pure black metal, but the atmosphere and feeling of their music has epic and pagan black metal references, overflowing with a “warm” melancholy. They use mostly extreme black metal screams and only fewer epic cleaner vocals, all performed by their founding member Sarolf, who has a very expressive sad, hateful and epic voice. The concept of their music deals with nature, mythology, local legends and emotions, while all lyrics are in German. In their official pages, Waldschrat are self-presented as a black metal / neofolk band; in this album though there is only one neofolk song and this is the bonus track “Odins Ritt auf dem Sonnwendstein“. Anyway this song is a beautiful example of neofolk, with its typical repetitive acoustic guitars and rhythmic male vocals, accompanied by very natural sounding flutes. Maybe they intend to experiment more with this genre in the future. The other bonus track is a very interesting cover on Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” with somehow extremer vocals…

I am sure this debut album will be highly appreciated by pagan black metal fans. Waldschrat have a wonderful aggressive, raw and melodic sound, without any compromises. Despite the “neofolk” term in their description, this album belongs mostly on the metal side. “Nostalgie.Resonanz” is released by Talheim Reconds in a limited to 1000 copies digipak edition, including a 12-page booklet with all the lyrics. Artwork is by Scherbenleyd from Malformed Malice Industries and the beautiful cover photo is taken by Rosa Racz. You can visit the band’s official pages below to find more info and listen to some of their songs.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Waldschrat @ Facebook


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