CIRCSENA – Circsena (EP)

CIRCSENA - Circsena

Origin: Germany
Genre: Dark Metal Epic Black Metal Post Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Circsena is a new German post dark metal band from Norden, founded in 2011 by its two and only members, Daniel Kirchhoff (vocals, guitars, bass, synths) and Jens Wallis (drums, percussions). I am impressed by the presentation of the band, since they have published a full-color 8-page magazine in A4 size, with band biography and description of their concept, revealing also their future plans. The band has chosen the symbol of dryad, a creature half human and half tree, which also represents the connection of man with nature. Circsena have created a fantasy epic tale that will unfold in their next 3 full-length albums. They have already revealed the tracklists  and storyline for the first two of them, which will be entitled “The Age of the Dryads” and “The Arduous Journey” respectively!      

This EP is more like a presentation of the band, since it contains only 4 songs and 2 of them will be also included in the first full-length. “Circsena” EP lasts for only 19 minutes, but it’s more than enough to show us many different aspects of the band, since each song is experimenting with various genres. I think that the best way to describe their music in general is epic dark post blackened folkish metal. The band has a somehow “dry” sound in the guitars and an overall raw natural sound, not too polished nor too extreme. The first song “Wandering Above the Trees and Moors” is closer to epic metal with folk black metal references in their guitar riffs, flutes, screaming vocals and an underlying post metal atmosphere. The second song “The Sleeper” is a wonderful instrumental epic post metal song with many acoustic guitars, maybe the most emotional work in the album! The next track “I am Here” is a melancholic post blackened metal song, with warm melodic lead guitars and some rock references. This time, Daniel’s harsh vocals are followed in the second part of the song by the beautiful clean female vocals of guest singer Janina Jones. The closing song “The Age of the Dryads Pt. 1” begins with atmospheric epic synths, followed by melodic doom Gothic distorted guitars (reminding me of old Paradise Lost sound!), harsh vocals and female whispers.

I find Circsena a very interesting and promising band. They are very ambitious and seem well organized. I hope they find a label that will help them produce, publish and spread their trilogy. I think though that they need a little improvement in the sound and for my personal taste the brutal vocals should be more dynamic, since now they sound more like screaming whispers. The band has self-released this EP in standard jewel case CD with a 4-page booklet beautifully illustrated by Luciferium War Graphics. You can visit their official pages below to listen to the whole EP and contact the band if interested in buying it.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Circsena @ Facebook
Circsena @ Bandcamp


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