HEATHEN FORAY new album details


Austrian melodic pagan death metallers Heathen Foray have announced the release of their third full-length album “Inner Force” on 13th of September 2013. The album was recorded between Winter and Spring 2013 at Rock Studio in Austria and will be self-released by the band 3 years after their previous work “Armored Bards“. Each song of the album is about something that gives you power, might, or just a good feeling. It is about the different aspects of your personal inner force. There are various topics, but the name “Inner Force” sums them up. Heathen Foray revealed the album tracklist and the cover artwork, illustrated by Fabrizio De Rossi. “Inner Force” is available for pre-order via their Bandcamp page.

1. Inner Force
2. Glut zu Flamme                   
3. Illusion
4. Mei Laund
5. No Mercy
6. Ragnarök
7. Wahrheit
8. Weisheitskrieg
9. Wizard’s Life

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