SUNWALTER release internet single

SUNWALTER - Forbidden Sun

Russian symphonic extreme metallers Sunwalter present their long-awaited single “Forbidden Sun“, after several line-up changes, including their new female singer Shikhandi. This release contains two tracks: The album-titled “Forbidden Sun” and a cover version on the song “E.T.” of the popular singer Katy Perry. The main track recounts about the great purpose of the universe size, which can be reached even by any human, who has the great will. But the someone who looses hope when meet any complication will never reach that gates of success. The band has followed this strategy when worked with this release and continue to follow it writing new songs. As they state “we wanna wish to everybody in this world to complete his great mission, for one he has born. And our music and conception of single “Forbidden Sun” will help in this great goal“.

1. Forbidden Sun
2. E.T. (Katy Perry cover)

Alexio – extreme vocals, synths
Shikhandi – clean female vocals
Gr0w – bass guitar
Miran – drums, guitars (for the single)

Sunwalter @ Facebook
Sunwalter @ VK


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