Origin: Canada
Genre: Folk Extreme Metal
Label: Maple Metal Records
Year: 2013

Canadian extreme folk metallers Nordheim are back with a wonderful new album! This Québec based band was formed in 2006 and self-released in 2010 its debut full-length album “Lost in the North“. After many live shows that increased their popularity and boosted their self confidence, the time for their second work has finally come. “Refill” was released worldwide on June 2013 via Maple Metal Records, who has also re-released their debut album in 2011.

I find this album much better in every aspect compared to their previous work. Nordheim play folk metal with extreme metal elements. They don’t use many traditional instruments, but it’s the guitar tunes and scales that give a folk character to their music. Their songs are quite fast, combining epic melodic guitars with majestic synths and black metal screams. Most compositions follow epic paths with an almost symphonic metal approach. Some of them have a “happier” mood though, like the classic beer song “Get Drunk or Die Tryin’“, with the participation of Trollfest members in the choirs! The band has composed many catchy melodies and great refrains, while the overall songwriting is clearly improved. Amazing epic clean vocals and choirs help them build a much more solid atmosphere and compose songs like the epic “As Shadows Pass By“, my personal favorite of the album. Their production is professional with a perfectly clear and balanced sound. Their lyrics are in English and as expected they speak about epic Northern tales and drinks.

Without proposing something entirely new, “Refill” is a great recommendation for those who like epic folk extreme metal with catchy melodic songs and great sound. Nordheim are very good at what they do and I think they reveal a more personal character in this album. ”Refill” includes 9 songs and lasts for almost 41 enjoyable minutes. It is released by Maple Metal Records in a standard jewel-case CD with 8-page booklet, including all lyrics. The great cover art is by Nicolas Francoeur from Vorace Art. You can follow the band’s official pages below to listen to their music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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