THE GREAT OLD ONES release debut album “Al Azif”


The French Ambient / Post Black Metal band THE GREAT OLD ONES will release its incredible debut album “Al Azif” on 27th April 2012 on Les Acteurs De L’Ombre productions. Expect a ritualistic, slow-paced black metal in the vein of Altar of Plagues, Wolves in the Throne Room, Fen, etc. Recorded and mixed by Cyrille Gachet from France (Year of No Light) and mastered by Alan Douches from New York (Tombs, Dillinger Escape Plan).

THE GREAT OLD ONES was born in 2009 as the one man band of Benjamin Guerry (guitar, vocals). He wanted to create an atmospheric Black Metal, aiming to describe musically both the feeling contained in Lovecraft’s writings and his interest for extreme music.

His encounter with Jeff Grimal (guitar, vocals) made him want to bring the project to an upper level for which they needed other musicians. Thus Léo Isnard (drums), Xavier Godart (guitar) and Sébastien Lalanne (bass) joined the band, giving birth to THE GREAT OLD ONES. This enabled the band to play gigs with bands such as Acephalix and The Phantom Carriage.

1. Al Azif – 7:56
2. Visions of R’lyeh – 6:55
3. Jonas – 9:29
4. Rue d’Auseil – 9:20
5. The Truth – 8:23
6 My Love for the Stars (Cthulhu Fhtagn) – 10:19



One Response to THE GREAT OLD ONES release debut album “Al Azif”

  1. Demo sounds great! Fully delivers the atmosphere of “Lovecraftian black metal”! I think I am going to buy this one!

    P.S. Great band logo by the way!

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