HAMMERSTORM reveal debut album details

HAMMERSTORM - The Lonely Wanderer

Atmospheric folk black metal band Hammerstorm has announced the release of its debut album “The Lonely Wanderer” on November 2013 via the German label Obscure Abhorrence Productions. They have already revealed the cover artwork and album tracklist. Hammerstorm was originaly formed as a pagan black metal band by original member Josh “Slikver” Young (also in Astral Winter, Atra Vetosus – founder of Immortal Frost Productions) from Australia in mid 2009. Some songs have been written and recorded but never been released. Shortly after Hammerstorm went into hiatus, which lasted for several months. It was later decided that there was no motivation to continue Hammerstorm in its former direction. In November 2009, Slikver restarted Hammerstorm together with vocalist Surtur from Belgium (owner of Immortal Frost Productions) and began writing music in a new direction. With this, Hammerstorm was reborn as an atmospheric folk black metal band...

1. Mystics of His Soul
2. The Lonely Wanderer
3. Along the Shades of Darkness
4. Whispers from the Depths of the Forest
5. Interlude
6. When Darkness Falls Upon Me
7. Forest of Despair
8. As I Give My Life to the Dying Lands

Slikver – instruments & compositions
Surtur – vocals & lyrics

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