RAUHNÅCHT reveal new album details

RAUHNACHT - Urzeitgeit

Alpine black metal band Rauhnåcht from Untersberg of Austria, the personal project of Stefan Traunmüller, will soon release its second full-length album. Its title is “Urzeitgeist” and it will be out via Steinklang Industries hopefully by the end of November 2013. The music will be more black metal based, compared to their previous EP “Waldeinsamkeit“, retaining at the same time its ritual elements, like throat voice, didgeridoo, shaman drums etc. Rauhnåcht have revealed the album tracklist and the cover artwork, painted by Moga Alexandru of Kogaion Art, who once again did an amazing work! “Urzeitgeist” will be released both in a 6-panel digipak CD edition and in LP version.

1. Einsam ist’s, Durch’s Moor zu Geh’n
2. Urzeitgeist
3. Rauhnachtskind
4. Der Weg Zurück
5. Geisterreiter
6. Zeitentor
7. Ewigkeit

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