RAUHNÅCHT – Waldeinsamkeit (EP)

RAUHNACHT - Waldeinsamkeit

Origin: Austria
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Folk Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Steinklang Records
Year: 2012

Austrian Alpine black metal band Rauhnåcht from Untersberg, the personal project of Stefan Traunmüller, will soon release its second full-length work “Urzeitgeist“. In the end of 2012 the band released a wonderful EP entitled “Waldeinsamkeit“, an album that was actually composed between 2003 and 2009, before the “official” creation of the band in 2010. In the end of 2010 Rauhnåcht released their debut album “Vorweltschweigen” and in 2012 the split EP “Zur Ew’gen Ruh” with the creators of Alpine folk music Sturmpercht. Luckily, after these 2 albums Stefan decided to complete the recordings of “Waldeinsamkeit” and released it in the end of 2012 via Steinklang Records.

Like all of their works so far, ”Waldeinsamkeit” is also completely based on the lyrics and sounds of Sturmpercht. The EP includes only 4 songs, but its total duration is almost 28 minutes, so you get a good taste of their beautiful music. Rauhnåcht play atmospheric pagan black metal with local folk elements and they name their style Alpine black metal. Their music moves between slow and mid tempo rhythms, combining pure black metal riffs with melodic acoustic guitars and many traditional or ancient acoustic instruments of Alpine and Celtic origin. “Waldeinsamkeit” means “forest solitude” and they couldn’t find a better title to match the melancholic pagan atmosphere of their music. Stefan’s vocals are typical pagan black metal screams, with a few additional whispers and epic clean choir vocals. Some instrumental, acoustic and experimental ambient passages, enriched with organic natural field-recordings add a bigger depth and diversity in their music. Lyrics are in German, dealing with Alpine and Celtic mythology, philosophy and traditions, all included in the CD.

Rauhnåcht is a great band that will certainly satisfy pagan black metal fans. “Waldeinsamkeit” is somehow more atmospheric, acoustic and “folkish” than its predecessor, still of equal musical quality. You can see this EP as an appetizer for the upcoming album, which by the way will be more black metal based. “Waldeinsamkeit” comes in a digipak edition limited to 300 copies, released by Steinklang Records. You can visit the band’s official pages below to get more info and listen to their music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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