MYRKVEDR reveal debut album details

MYRKVEDR - Sons of Muspell

Swedish Viking folk metallers Myrkvedr from Gothenburg have revealed the cover artwork, the tracklist and a video trailer of their upcoming debut full-length album “Sons of Muspell“. They were formed in 2010 and they have released only a demo so far, “Tryms Kväde” in 2011. Several line-up changes turned the band’s early black death metal sound into a more Viking folk approach. Myrkvedr will soon complete the mastering of their debut album and then it will be sent for printing. After the completion of mastering ”Sons of Muspell” will be released as digital copy in their Bandcamp page. Physical CDs will come in about two weeks later. The artwork is complete and you can enjoy the beautiful cover painted by Zoltán Horváth, as well as a 4-minute trailer of the album below.

1. Odens Prophecy
2. Urdarbrunnr                 
3. The Fiddler
4. Bölvun Buslas (The Curse of Busla)
5. Men of the Longhouse
6. Jörmungandr
7. Brynhilds Call
8. Balders Död (The Death of Balder)
9. Hel
10. Cerdic
11. Voosum
13. Axes and Mead
14. Vandraren (The wanderer) (Nordman Cover) – Bonus track

Hagal – vocals
Runar – flutes
Sumbl – guitars
Rok – guitars
Askebloss – bass
Thurisaz – drums

Myrkvedr @ Facebook
Myrkvedr @ Bandcamp


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